Introducing Identity Staking

Verify yourself.
Elevate your network.

Gain access to some of the best experiences web3 has to offer while keeping us all safe from bots and Sybils.

In the ever-evolving world of web3, trust is paramount.

Gitcoin Passport is introducing an upgraded Identity Staking experience — a robust and community-driven feature that strengthens the security of the Ethereum ecosystem by building a secure "Onchain Trust Graph".

Stronger, together.

Developing Networks of Trust

Staking GTC on yourself and others boosts your Passport score, helping you get access to what you want and helps build the Onchain Trust Graph. Just as you might trust a person that your friend vouches for, you can trust the identities of people on the Onchain Trust Graph who have been vouched for by many others.

Stronger security against Sybil attacks

Our new mechanism will automatically slash and burn any staked GTC from accounts that violate our rules. This will make it more expensive for Sybil attackers to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem.


What is slashing?

Slashing is an automated mechanism that penalizes bad actors by confiscating and burning their staked GTC. If an identity staker violates Gitcoin's trust, their staked GTC is removed and nullified, safeguarding a community’s integrity. This proactive approach deters Sybil attacks, which aim to manipulate voting or governance processes by creating multiple fake identities.

What happens when a bot or bad actor is caught?

When a bot or bad actor is caught, their staked GTC is “slashed” which means that it is confiscated and eventually burned. This starts by taking the staked GTC out of the contract send to an escrow. A 90 day appeal process then begins. Once the appeal window closes, the GTC is “burned” which means it is permanently removed from the overall supply of GTC.

What if I’m mistakenly identified as a bot or bad actor?

The staked GTC will be slashed only with very specific criteria. For example, if you've captured duplicate credentials (which will warn you in the UI) and used the same duplicate credentials to capture a reward (ex: donate in a Gitcoin Grants round), then your GTC would be slashed. Even if this may have been a mistake, there is appeal period where you can attempt to reclaim your staked GTC.

How much GTC do I need to stake on myself and my friends?

There is no minimum amount of GTC that you need to stake on yourself or your friends. However, the more GTC that you stake, the higher your Passport score will be.

What is the Onchain Trust Graph?

The Onchain Trust Graph is a decentralized network connects verified humans within the web3 ecosystem, making it difficult for malicious actors to create fake identities. It also verifies identities, incentivizes community engagement, and supports decentralized governance.

How do you determine who is a sybil and who is not?

We use a combination of automated and human-supervised processes. The automated processes look for patterns that are indicative of sybil activity, such as duplicate identities, anomalous activity, and the use of VPNs or proxies. Human reviewers then review these flagged accounts to make a final determination. It should never be a surprise if GTC tokens are moved to the Passport Token Vault—before staking, everyone must agree to the rules and violators are given a warning in the UI. Only upon a wallet’s 2nd violation of the rules would we consider taking action.

How do I get GTC to stake on my identity?

We recommend checking out a website like Coinmarketcap for a list of exchanges carrying GTC. For folks entirely new to the space, consider checking out the lessons on Bankless Academy.

This all sounds pretty expensive - is there a free way to do this?

Identity staking comes with some inherent costs, including the purchasing of GTC and associated gas fees. If you’re not able to afford this, there are still lots of way to raise your Passport score high enough to access your favourite web3 experiences. Alternatively, follow Gitcoin Passport on Twitter or verify yourself in real life at an upcoming event.

Join the onchain trust graph

Gain access to some of the best experiences web3 has to offer while keeping us all safe from bots and Sybils.